“David Beal” 2017/11/09 at 8:52 am.
You guys are awesome!!! Lahsen is a very courteous, professional and safe driver. The return trip to Marrakesh on the last day was a bit stressful, but we made it to the airport just in time. Next time I will be booking more than 4 days for my trip to southern Morocco. I’ll be recommending your agency to my friends and anyone who asks. Chokran!!!
“Aris P.” 2017/08/23 at 4:18 pm.
The driver was personable, knowledgeable and gave us a great experience. We asked to see some other areas and he gladly took us there.
S. Sibley” 2017/08/17 at 1:57 am.
We had a wonderful time, the Moroccan people are friendly, we have many happy memories of a fascinating visit where we were able to see behind the tourist facade and experience the real Morocco. The Ryad in Fez is very relaxing and the decor is authentic. Fatima’s cooking was delicious! Thank you for this organization, I recommend your agency to my friends and family without hesitation!
“Terry Wright” 2017/06/11 at 11:41 pm.
Morocco is a fantastic place to travel to especially when you have Abdel and Ahmed taking care of you on the ground. Going to Morocco on my own was a bit scary but I’m glad I did it! Everything about this trip was amazing…the architecture of Fez and Marrakech is everything I imagined and more… the starry skies in the desert are a sight I will treasure forever! Thanks to Aicha’s cooking during my stay in Marrakech I discovered Moroccan cuisine and fell in love with it. Trying to reproduce the Tagine at home with not much success so far:)… but I’m not giving up! Thanks to the wonderful people who went above and beyond their duties I was able to enjoy this trip to the fullest. I hope I can return to this beautiful country someday!
“Beth J” 2017/05/01 at 8:06 pm.
Great trip with excellent guide – lots to see on journey and once at the sea. It is a long day but worth it
“Ceri W” 2017/04/21 at 7:21 pm.
This was a good tour, tailored to my individual needs.
“Jhon K” 2017/04/11 at 7:07 pm.
I will always remember the amazing people I met, the great time I had, and the incredible Moroccan mint tea. Make sure you bring a good amount of cash and extra luggage space with you.
“James K” 2017/04/06 at 11:15 am.
Our guide was very informative and had a great command of English, the tour covered all of the major highlights of the city and was fun and enjoyable. The restaurant that we visited for lunch was delicious and had an entertaining band and alcohol was also available for purchase. Thoroughly recommend this tour!
“Elisabeth” 2017/03/22 at 6:31 pm.
“Macho michkil” this was the first listen for me, next time without the guide and to see the desert. Thank you for the generosity and kind heart, Very glad to have met you. I wash the very best of luck I hope to see you again.
“Steven K” 2017/03/15 at 11:09 pm.
They provided amazing accommodations, incredible food, and amazing tours of the city and markets. If you have an opportunity to take the trip don’t hesitate, you wont regret it.
“Heather D” 2017/03/12 at 1:45 pm.
I chose Marrakech-Full Day because traveler reviews were good. As everyone said our guide Badre was excellent, informative and very kind. My husband and I were very satisfied and had a good time. For the lunch, it was a full course which we didn’t know. I think it is nice to know the menu in advance so that we know what to expect and also name of food we are haivng.
“Amanda H” 2017/02/28 at 2:23 pm.
Having a guide through the Medina means you get to experience things you would not do if you go on your own. Our guide was amazing and tailored our visit to our interests.
Lamis J” 2017/02/25 at 3:46 pm.
Our guide was excellent, very informative and easy going and he was very obliging as he took us to all places of Jewish interst as well. He was very patient when one of our number spent a long time shopping in the Souks ! All in all-a superb trip
Shilpa S” 2017/01/27 at 12:27 pm.
This was the best!!! The chef was the best, from start to finish. We learned so much not to mention the food was great!
“Eleanor B” 2016/12/17 at 6:53 pm.
Driver and guide where very friendly. We had a nice ride into the sunset with a tea break in the Palmerie. The guide was speaking French and English and sharing a lot of info about the Palmerie.
“Richard Krausen” 2016/12/12 at 4:17 pm.
I booked a 10-day trip to Morocco as a college graduation present for my son Jeff. It was Jeff who picked Morocco, I had never thought I’d be traveling to this country. I had a lot of questions when planning the trip and Said answered every one of them with great professionalism and a lot of patience. Planning the trip was actually part of the fun for me: I was clueless as to where I was going and very excited to see such an exotic corner of the world. When we got to Morocco I was absolutely stunned by the hospitality of everyone we met there and the amazing architecture and scenery around us. The hotels (or rather Riads) Said put us in were all top-notch with nice rooms, great service and meals that were absolutely delicious. My favorite was the Riad Sultana in Marrakech: both Jeff and I felt like kings at that place! It seemed somewhat surreal, as if we were suddenly in a story from the Arabian Nights. The Jmaa el Fna square is just a short walk from there and I’ll never forget the views from the hotel’s rooftop terrace at sunset. We had a lot of unforgettable experiences during this trip: riding camels in the Sahara desert, spending the night at a camp there, going over the High Atlas mountains, meeting a local family for a meal and a glimpse of their culture, sightseeing in Fez and Marrakech. We had very good and very knowledgeable guides everywhere. The whole trip was just an amazing experience for me and a wonderful present for my son, who had wanted to visit Morocco since probably kindergarten. It was a dream come true for him and an eye-opening adventure for me. I would like to thank Said and the team for making it all go so well!
“Elaine B” 2016/12/12 at 11:11 am.
You really get an amazing opportunity to purchase items from the artisans but are not at all pressured to do so which is really special because A you know you are getting quality goods and B you are not pressured to buy anything and do not feel like your getting swindled into a higher price.
“peter r” 2016/10/25 at 11:07 pm.
Not only did we get to see Essaouira, but we also got a chance to make some stops that helps us appreciate the culture and way of life there. We enjoyed the day trip and would do it again.
“Athena C” 2016/10/03 at 8:55 pm.
The Cooking Class was such an amazing experience and gave my group and I a deeper sense of Moroccan culture! Both the host and cook were pleasant and knowledgeable! A very hands on experience at a comfortable pace!
“Nimish” 2016/09/23 at 11:51 pm.
our guide for the day has looked after us very well and sent us lots of photos as promised!
“Steven J” 2016/09/13 at 12:04 am.
The transportation was perfectly, The Hostel was AMAZINGGG, food was even better. It was definitely worth every penny.
“Tara” 2016/09/05 at 10:20 pm.
This was exceptional. Our guides, khalid and Ahmed were amazing. This tour is a must.
“Jack M” 2016/08/29 at 8:09 am.
Excellent time definitely recommended to go. Only down thing is that it is 3 hours to get there and 3 hours back. Once in a lifetime experience.
“Stella C” 2016/08/18 at 7:12 pm.
We had an amazing day, our guide was knowledgeable and patient even with those that lagged behind. Thank only downside was that we were unaware of how steep and long the climb up a d down would be. All in all a very worthwhile day out.
“JOHN W” 2016/08/14 at 8:08 pm.
Well worth doing,tour guide very good,everything was very organized.Lovely place to visit.
“Ji Youn K” 2016/08/12 at 1:49 pm.
this trip was very good and we were the only people so it was very personal and informative. would fully reccommend this tour
“Roberth C” 2016/08/05 at 11:56 am.
The staff is very friendly. The camel ride is a good experience in Marrakesh. I recommend it
“Andrea M” 2016/07/08 at 1:58 pm.
The driver/guide was well-prepared, funny, and knowledgeable; the landscapes and experiences were fantastic; and the people and culture are welcoming and kind.
“Leonardo L.” 2016/07/01 at 12:42 pm.
We were the only people in the tour and our guide provided a lot of very interesting information about the places we visited. We wouldn’t have appreciated the places we’ve seen as much without our guide’s intensive knowledge and passion about Marrakech.
“Rudy V.” 2016/06/19 at 7:47 pm.
I was the only customer that day, so it was a private tour. Saw a lot of stuff during the day. Was very interesting, also a very good guide.
“Steven” 2016/06/09 at 7:00 pm.
Magical trip – just do it! The gang of lads organizing the flight was great fun, and the breakfast in a fantastic Berber desert tent was lovely. Our guide Abdullah was a diamond, funny, interesting, informative, and a little bit crazy as he said himself! To see the Atlas Mountains from the balloon was a truly special experience.
“Liliana H” 2016/06/06 at 2:56 pm.
Best lamb with prunnes I have ever had! Horse Rider show was also quite enjoyable
“Hamiss” 2016/05/14 at 8:28 pm.
Used this company for the first time ,really impressed with there service and very friendly drivers . Will recommend this firm to all friends and business associates .
“Peter G.” 2016/06/03 at 9:47 am.
A very full day giving the chance to see all of the major sites and orientate yourself so that you can explore further later. Special recommendation for our guide, very knowledgeable and helpful.