m'hamid el ghizlane


November 8, 2017
Moroccan Cities

M’Hamid and Merzouga are the two Moroccan locations that serve as a gateway to the magnificent Sahara Desert. M’Hamid is the last oasis; where the Drâa wadi (riverbed) travels under the sand only to reappear 800 km farther on the Atlantic coast. M’Hamid was at one time a large caravanning center and you will see vestiges of its lost splendor in its Ksar and in Foum-Rjani a nearby ancient proto-historic North African necropolis. Archeologists believe that this ancient and fascinating area was inhabited before the formation of the Sahara Desert. The inhabitants of M’Hamid are descendants of nomads, and they take great pride in their ancient history, ancestry and their immense knowledge of the desert and the dunes,

From M’Hamid, journey 60 km farther to the Chigaga Erg home to Morocco’s largest dunes.  Travel through the desert by camelback, in SUV or on quad bike. Those seeking a unique experience can spend the night in the desert, inside a nomadic tent, under the beautiful night sky and enjoy the purity of unpolluted air.

You can also visit the seven small villages that compose M’Hamid: R’Gabi, Ouled Driss, Bounou, new M’Hamid, old M’Hamid and Ouled Mhya. Enjoy the various cultural influences of the Arab, Berber, Jewish and Sahraoui and envision the many stories of these caravans as they crossed Africa.

M’Hamid is known for its close proximity to the Saharan border. The road tar disappears into the central square, regarded as a border area by the Moroccan Kingdom. The police monitor entrances and exits of the area, on the Saharan side.

A true point of origin for adventurers M”H amid has begun to be more well known due to excellent word of mouth. The city warmly welcomes visitors to this beautiful location ideal for those who love nature and adventures off the beaten track.