Agadir Beach morocco

Agadir Beach

November 8, 2017
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Imagine… kilometers of fine sandy beaches and 300 days of sunshine per year in a beautiful bay protected from the cold currents of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach of Agadir invites you to relax and enjoy the quiet surroundings, temperate weather and clear water. The beaches of Agadir are the perfect location for every imaginable water sport: windsurfing, jet skiing, body boarding or parasailing.

Such a beautiful location should feature only the best accommodations for visitors and Agadir definitely does. The city has just built some amazing buildings and the gorgeous and golden seashore offers a colorful promenade, bordered by hotels, restaurants and cafés. Swimming in the beach is safe due to the many on duty lifeguards and mounted police are always nearby guaranteeing the safety of tourists. The beaches are regularly cleaned and meticulously maintained making this an ideal location for families with children.

Some beaches are private, and they compete with other private locations by offering every amenity to please you and keep you as a visitor. The public, free beaches are crowded in the summer, and Moroccans compete to build sculptures in the sand. Agadir enjoys a vibrant nightlife with most activities centered on the beaches.

Water and wind sports lovers may need to move a few kilometers away, as the sea is really quiet in the bay of Agadir.  You can also enjoy horseback riding, camel hikes and the less inhabited beaches in the area. However always exercise caution when exploring the beaches that are not monitored by lifeguards as the currents can be very strong and unpredictable.

Enjoy the beautiful weather large beaches and fine sand of Agadir, refreshing in the summer and incredibly moderate in the winter