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Visiting Morocco in December is a good time?

September 17, 2018
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Already thinking about your holiday at the end of the year, you wonder if visiting Morocco in December is a good time? We guarantee you, the country is one of the most popular destinations at the end of the year, it is even the ideal destination of famous stars around the World.

Welcome to this magical country, proud of its customs, its heritage, its Saharan sands, but also its green valleys and its unusual ambience.

Going to Morocco in the holiday season

One of the most enjoyable and authentic experiences you can experience is to leave in the holiday season to spend New Year’s Eve in the desert of Morocco. An opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant and contemplate the New Year stars from the famous dunes of the Berber village of Merzouga, starting point of an exceptional hike on camelback in the great Moroccan Sahara. The country is Guaranteed.

Our Morocco tour operator agency offers programs in small groups or tailored to spend Christmas in Morocco in the joy and the good Atmosphere. A small detail that we must report, if you expect to find the same festive atmosphere as abroad (Europe or others), you will be moderately disappointed. The population does not celebrate the arrival of the new year with the same hospitality!

If the idea is tempting, consider booking your flight in Advance. Many people choose to travel to Morocco at the end of the year. A good organization is necessary for everything to go well and without mishaps.

Is it cold in Morocco in December?

Is it cold in Morocco in December? The answer is simple, it is cold in most regions, but there are large differences in Temperature. In Fez, for example, the imperial city, the days are relatively mild during the month of December, but the nights are colder.

The centre and the south of morocco, as well as Marrakech (if ever the Ochre city is in your list of cities to visit), offer clear and sunny days during the coldest months (November-march), but you have to know that the nights can be Exceptionally cold.

Mountain hikers should also be aware that the mountainous regions of Morocco are susceptible to sudden flooding in winter (due to precipitation). Prudence is in the Ground.

As for the regions of the Moroccan desert, the temperatures easily reach the 4 and 3 degrees for the min temperature and 17 for the maximum Temperature.

What clothes to plan for a trip to Morocco in December

For your trip to Morocco in December, you have to leave well “equipped”. Then get some warm wool clothing, a waterproof coat (extremely useful if you ever get caught in the rain), but also beanies and gloves to protect your hands from the icy cold outside. Do not forget to put also pantyhose in your suitcase, they will serve you greatly during this Period.

Women travelling will do better to take a scarf that will serve when visiting religious places, but also to protect themselves from the cold if Needed.

And finally, for hikers, take mostly suitable shoes.