how to travel to morocco cheap

How to travel to Morocco cheap: 5 tips to enjoy small prices!

August 22, 2018
Explore Morocco

Morocco is one of the destinations that combine the useful to the pleasant. Breathtaking landscapes, a geographical position a few kilometers from Europe, and an impressive African and Middle Eastern culture, it is a mixture that will bewitch you and guarantee you an authentic experience, that You’re not going to live anywhere.

But to travel to Morocco, the country of the setting sun, and enjoy its time and stay, without having to exceed budgets, you will be given 5 practical tips for a stay at low prices.

A budget for a trip to Morocco: good advice

Monitor promotions on the Internet

To take advantage of good rates, it is important to monitor promotions on the Internet. Before you buy your plane ticket to Morocco, check the different flight comparators and choose the most advantageous offer, and above all do it a few weeks in advance. Prices tend to increase a few days before the date of travel low-cost Morocco.

And that’s not all, you can also book circuits with less expensive amounts before you go to Morocco. The circuit price in Morocco can vary considerably. The comparison of the different offers is super important, do not buy before you see the offers of the different competitors.

Choose suitable accommodation
Housing is usually one of the major spending items that consume most of the budget, and it is not always possible to find the most advantageous offer. In Morocco, however, you will have no worries to find the most suitable accommodation according to your budget, but also that corresponds to your expectations and will make you immerse in the real local culture.

You can easily find Riyad, a type of authentic accommodation in Morocco, corresponding to old spacious houses, at relatively decent prices and offering a level of impeccable comfort.

For tighter budgets, there are more advantageous and economical solutions, including hostels where you can have your own room or a dormitory, to share with other travelers, a question of forging new relationships!

Eating local
Most accommodations and restaurants, even in large cities, offer menus at correct prices (especially for foreign travelers). A full breakfast will not cost you more than 2 or 3 euros.

For a cheap trip to Morocco, and in order to save on your budget, think about eating locally. Moreover, the popular dishes and the specialties of the countries are extremely delicious and will certainly seduce you and delight your palate. Moroccan cuisine is the 2nd best gastronomy in the world! We’ll let you imagine!

Shopping: Bargain especially!
The Moroccan souks will certainly surprise you, you’ll certainly be fascinated by these handicrafts and traditional jewelry. The Medinas of Marrakech and Fez are for example a paradise for buyers, but be careful to get ripped off. Learn to bargain because traders expect you to do so and make sure to compare the prices of several shops or sellers. Sometimes the difference may be blatant. A little trick, you can even negotiate up to 60% of the price! Huge, right?

Call on a tour operator who will better organize your stay
Finding a small local tour operator can save you a lot on your budget travel Morocco at small prices and dramatically improve your experience in Morocco.