organize trip to morocco desert

How to organize a trip to the desert of Morocco with a night at the Bivouac?

August 18, 2018
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To go on a trip to the desert is to make the ideal choice to live an experience at the same time different and unique but above all memorable. And to do so, nothing better than the Moroccan south, an impressive region that will completely seduce you and even become your favorite type of stay during your annual vacation or whenever the opportunity presents itself. A little taste below.

Discovering the ochre dunes of the Sahara

The southern part of the country is proud of its breathtaking landscapes, its ochre dunes, and its singular panorama, but not that. The camel trekking is one of the best experiences to experience while enjoying the wonder of the Moroccan desert.

In Merzouga (about 560 kilometers from the ochre city of Marrakech, count about 8 hours drive) For example, you will have the opportunity to plan a camel ride with an experienced guide that will take you to the desert of the country.

The region has a natural and historic potential that makes it one of the best destinations in Morocco and all of Africa. In fact, the desert has everything you need to make you dream. Besides the desert tour in Camel, you can also explore the dunes in 4 × 4, on foot or even in the quad, the possibilities are different and adapt to the desires of visitors and adventurers. Indeed, the activities in the dunes of the Sahara are not lacking. Camel rides, picnics, hammocks, you will be spoilt for choice.  But one thing is guaranteed: Fun is safe!

A night in the bivouac in the south of Morocco

Because every trip has its specificities, the trip to the Moroccan desert cannot be complete without a night in the bivouac. An indispensable opportunity to sleep under the stars and contemplate the sky of the Moroccan south.

The experience, as unique and authentic as you can imagine, is definitely worth a visit. The tranquility and space of the Sahara are indescribable, the night sky is unlimited and the desert landscape is supernatural. We’ll let you imagine the sequel!

Your night at the Bivouac will be exceptional and will make you discover more closely the traditions of the premises. Then be ready to taste the famous “Madfoun” for dinner in a magical atmosphere. The Madfoun consists of a pie stuffed with minced lamb meat covered with a layer of camel fat, which is usually stored in homes as a staple.

You will even have to discover the traditional songs of the region and to attend a small musical concert in the colors of the Sahara.

Your night at the Bivouac won’t be that long. You certainly don’t want to miss this magical moment to go and contemplate the sunrise in the dunes of Merzouga or ERG champion (30 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide).

The beauty of the desert and its singularity will not leave you indifferent. And the experience will certainly inspire you to return to relive these thrills in the heart of the Moroccan desert.