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A personalized and tailored trip to Morocco cost more?

September 23, 2018
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Are you wondering if a Morocco tailor-made trip will cost you more than a standard trip? The answer is yes, but if you take into account what you will have for your money: a private car with chauffeur, freedom, personalized treatment, adapted timetable, charming hotels, various visits etc. your trip does not necessarily cost you more, in Explains Why.

Discovering a new destination requires an organization in advance and prior planning. And because everyone has their own desires for discoveries and tastes, the programs offered most often by mass-tourism agencies do not necessarily meet the expectations of curious travellers. This is why our Morocco travel agency was born, in order to allow you to organize a custom trip to morocco, which adapts to your wildest desires.

Whether it is for a personalized personal stay, in solo mode, or for a stay in Morocco with the family only, there is no shortage of custom travel offers and our packs are complete to satisfy your highest requirements.

A journey at your leisure

Opting for a custom trip is to build your trip to your liking, at your own pace and according to your budget, by defining all the stages of the stay, the places to visit, the desired duration, etc. A personalized trip is a private trip that adapts to your traveller profile, Unlike the packs offered by mass tourism wholesalers, and which are usually pre-established without any intervention by the future Traveller.

Total freedom

You do not have to respect stressful schedules or have a busy schedule, which may deprive you of the unexpected displacement or amusement. On a custom trip, the traveller is free to set his or her stopping points, choose the places that arouse his interest and take a short break when he sings.

Solo or family

Suitable for all types of trips, the tailor-made stay can be carried out as part of a tour in individual Morocco or rather a family stay only. indeed, a tailor-made trip is the ideal choice for family travellers, especially those accompanied by babies or children who require perfect conditions for their well-being.

How to organize a custom trip to Morocco

You have a program of visits and discoveries to do in Morocco and you want to benefit from an accompaniment of our specialized agency, during all the stages of your stay, but you do not know how to organize a custom trip in morocco? Don’t panic, our agency takes care of everything!

It is essential, at first, that you have an idea about the length of the trip you want, the dates of the stay, the budget, among other things. Once these details are defined, you can call our specialized Agency. Our consultants will listen to your ideas and know your needs for discoveries, in order to propose you a planning that takes into account your Wishes.

To propose the schedule that best fits your expectations, we will need the following information:

  • Do you plan to travel alone or as a family, how many people?
  • Would you be accompanied by children?
  • For how long and for what dates?
  • What kind of experience do you expect?
  • Is there something specific you want to see or do?
  • What type of accommodation do you prefer (for example, luxury hotels, camping, etc.)
  • What budget are you planning?

You will then receive a first proposal of the itinerary to be made, as well as the accommodation plans, the logistics set up and the planned Activities. The idea is to allow you to read the suggestion, validate, or modify, Delete or add additional steps or Options.

so, ready to organize a custom trip to morocco? Do not delay and entrust the planning of your travel plan to our specialized Agency. Thanks to our know-how in the field, we will guarantee you a pleasant journey that you will remember all your life.