Choosing Your Moroccan Destination

The more you prepare for your trip to Morocco the more successful and enjoyable it will be. Do you enjoy lying lazily under the sun and enjoying the charm of the beaches, or would you prefer an excursion into the rich history of Morocco as you expand your cultural horizons? You may choose an adventurous get away to recharge your batteries surrounded by magnificent landscapes or you may favor an opportunity to immerse yourself in the colorful local culture as you hike through the mountains and cities of Morocco. Morocco is a travelers dream with opportunities for whatever your vacation plans might be.

Broaden Your Cultural Horizons

Do you enjoy experiencing the cultural heritage of different locations? Morocco is the ideal location for cultural explorations with its ancient and fascinating history, amazing architecture and unique sightseeing locales. Morocco’s most famous historical figure, Moulay Ismaïl, transformed Meknès into a “Moroccan Versailles” and for 900 years the cities of both Fez and Marrakech vied for the title of capital city. Today Rabat is the capital of the country and each of these beautiful and intriguing cities as well as many other captivating Moroccan cities are ideal locations for extended visits.
Explore the many travel options that await you as you discover the charms of this majestic country.

Agadir, A Magnificent Seaside Resort

The major attractions of the bay of Agadir are the 20 km of beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and the yearly 300 days of gorgeous and sunny weather. Agadir is the perfect place to forget the stress and daily grind of the cities. Many types of hotels are available to choose from as you enjoy the warm sun on the superb beaches of the Atlantic.

Agadir is an ideal starting point for many exciting excursions, here some ideas:

Visit Essaouira, a charming and peaceful city, its traditional medina and its souk that attracts the entire region. (Approx 2 hours drive).
Travel to The Souss Massa National Park 60 km away, for great hiking and watching the amazing variety of native birds.
Journey to Marrakech also known as the “Red City” and delight in its vibrant heritage and its proximity to the vast Saharan expanses. Among its many attractions discover the gardens of Menara or visit the famous Jamaa El Fna classified as a world Heritage Site by UNESCO and known as the “beating heart “of Marrakech. Visit the world-renowned and colorful throng of the souq of the old medina, with its blacksmiths, tailors, fine leather artisans, and purveyors of fragrant spices, dramatically luxurious perfumes and an overwhelming array of fantastic wares.

Beni Mellal
From Beni Mellal travel to Asserdoun and its waterfalls and to the Kazbah of Bel Koush.

The Hassan II mosque of Casablanca is one of the most impressive sights of Morocco. Visit the amazing souk of the city during your journey to this famous Moroccan city.

A picturesque port city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco with its massive Portuquese walls of hewn stone. Not to be missed: the Portuguese tank that served as a set to Orson Welles’ famous movie, Othello.

The highlight of your visit is a stroll on the city walls and in the medina, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as you discover the fascinating wares of the open workshops. If you wake up early, you may see the arrival of trawlers in the harbor and the fish auction. Spend a day relaxing on the Moulay Hassan beach.
Another interesting trip is a visit to the bird sanctuary on the island of Mogador and the Purpuraires islands.
The beach of Sidi Kaouki, 15 km from the city, is famous for its windsurfing activities. The seaside resort of Agadir is an excellent diversion.

Fez is the historical capital of Morocco, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1981. It is the oldest of the four imperial cities, and many historical monuments and ancient buildings exist in the city to this day. To truly enjoy the many splendors of the city plan to spend at least two days.

Be sure to visit Fez el-Bali and Fez el-Jerid and as you stroll though the city, stop at Borj Sud (South Borj) to admire the spectacular view. The Borj Nord (North Borj) features a weapons museum and the tombs of the Merinides. Enjoy a delicious meal at an Andalusian – Moresque styled bed and breakfast, or sip a glass of refreshing mint tea in one of the many riads of the city. Visit the souks of the city, the medersas or Bou Inania and el-Attarine and the Karaouiyine mosque.

If you want to spend an entire week there are a variety of interesting trips you can take from the city of Fez. Visit the nearby city of Meknès and its magnificent monuments, the amazing roman site of Volubilis, (best visited in the morning or in the evening) the city of Ifrane known as “little Switzerland” and it magnificent National Park home to lakes, streams and one of the most beautiful cedar forests in the country.
To the south, travel by SUV into the ochre dunes of Merzouga and camp under the stars.
Enjoy a relaxing massage at the thermal resort of Moulay Yacoub, twenty kilometers from Fez.

Mountain of Toubkal “Hight Atlas”
The Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain in Morocco, is a renowned destination for hikers and a wonderful location for treks into the majestic mountains and their colorful landscapes where cliffs, valleys, steep gorges, lakes and rivers abound. Excursions through amazing mountainous landscapes are available for different skill levels and can range from a few hours to several days.

Built in the 11th century, Marrakech is the capital of Moroccan tourism, and features an impressive cultural and architectural heritage. The city boasts a vibrancy that you will find in no other city combining the atmosphere of an ancient caravan city with an abundance of sights that contribute to the famous reputation of this fascinating city as one of the most vibrant and colorful cities of the world.

If you plan to spend two days, visit the medina and its famous souk, and the renowned Jemâa el-Fna square, which comes alive as the sun sets in the evening sky. Enjoy a visit to the Kotoubia Mosque, the walls, the Majorelle garden and the gardens of the Ménara. Take a tour of the palm grove by bike or by calash. The Medersa Ben-Youssef monuments, the Saadian tombs, the El-Badi palace and the Bahia palace are more beautiful than any pictures or books about the lively and delightful Moroccan culture. Take a tour of the walls and be sure to visit the basin of the Menara.

If your stay in is longer, there are many excursions you can take to further explore the wonders of Morocco. The quiet charm of Essaouira on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean is an interesting contrast to the constant activity of the ever-vibrant Marrakech In the High Atlas, hike through the beauty of the mountains and enjoy the towering splendor of the Jbel Toubkal. Enjoy a refreshing escape to the cascades of the Ourika. To the south of Marrakech, the vast desert begins in the city of Ouarzazate. Quarzazate is home to the loveliest Kazbah in the country, and along the Drâa valley .the most beautiful road in Morocco. At the bottom of this valley, take a camel trek from Zagora and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of the cascades of Ouzoud.

UNESCO lists this imperial city as a World Heritage Site. A true “must see” are the walls, the gates, the medina and its monuments and the clocks from Franche-Comté.

Gateway to the desert, Ouarzazate has the most splendid Kazbah of the country, the Kazbah of Taourirt and the Ksar of Aït Benhaddou (30 km).
Several beautiful trips are available from here: a visit to the Drâa valley, a long strip of land irrigated by the wadi of the same name, a journey the Dadès valley, also known as the “Road of the Thousand Kasbah”, a very busy road with splendid landscapes, and the many Kazbah bordering the famous palm grove of Skoura. Traveling farther, you will reach the beautiful gorges of Dadès.

Sixty kilometers from the city, amazing hikes await you from the Jbel Toubkal (4,167 m).Morocco’s highest mountain. Upon your return, relax in the oasis of Flint.

Travel farther, to Zagora, the gorges of Todra and the palm growth of Tinehir, or to M’hamid where you will discover the first dunes of the Sahara. You can may also visit Erfoud and the magnificent dunes of Merzouga.

The capital city of Rabat is full of fabulous sights, the medina, the Oudaïas district, and the necropolis of Chellah. There’s also Salé, the Mrisa gate, the walls, the medina, the Hassan tower, the Kazbah of the Oudaïa, the mausoleum of Mohammed V, the archeological museum, and even the beaches of the Val d’Or.

For a visit of several days, you may visit one of the many royal stud farms around Rabat, the fabulous gardens of Sidi Bouknadel and the amazing 1,500 species of trees and plants and be sure to travel to the world famous city of Casablanca (93 km) and visit the magnificent Hassan II mosque.

Don’t miss the colorful painted rocks in the desert, the Ammeln valley and the village of Aguerd Oudad.

No visit to Tangier is complete without a visit to the medina and the writers and painters themed tour. Visit the Dar el-Makhzen palace and sip a cup of mint tea at the Continental Hotel, visited by authors, artists and celebrities. On a clear day, climb the hill for a splendid view of the Straits of Gibraltar and Spain.

For an extended stay, consider going to Asilah, a charming and popular seaside resort forty kilometers from Tangier, or visit the Cap Spartel home to the famous Caves of Hercules and the Malabata cap. Visit Tétouan or take a SUV journey into the Rif, all the way to Chefchaouèn, the famous” blue” town.

A must see on any trip to Taroudant is a tour of the walls, and a stopover
to the souks and Berber markets. Enjoy a mint tea in the freshness of the evening in the el-Alaouyine square or travel 30 kilometers to the palm grove of Tioute.
Journey farther to the coast to Agadir or the Anti Atlas and Tafraout.
Take a stroll through the granite splendor of Agard Oudad and admire the Hat of Napoléon, a uniquely eroded rock. In Oumesnat, do not miss the traditional house of Abdessalam Ahras.

Stroll by the ancient walls and visit the Great Mosque. Tiznit is world famous for its souks around Méchouar Square, and particularly its souks of skilled jewelers. Visit the palm grove of Bâb Targua not far from the city.

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