A family tour in Morocco

Would you like to discover with your family the rich offer of Morocco’s tourism? Many family-friendly travel packages are available. From southern Morocco, in the lush Draa Valley with its palm groves and fortified villages, to the imperial cities, all family travel options are conceivable. A mountain tour in the Atlas Mountains is also worth considering, as is a camel trek by the ocean. All family tours are designed for you to travel in the best conditions.
Your family tour in Morocco is an opportunity to show your children great natural landscapes, such as the Saharan dunes, mountains, canyons, gorges and waterfalls of the Atlas as well as the Moroccan coasts. This trip will also be a perfect opportunity to introduce them to another culture. In the heart of Moroccan cities such as Marrakesh, they will discover fortifications hiding palaces, mosques and gardens. Your family tour in Morocco will also take you to Berber villages, centenarian ksours and souks, to discover Moroccan traditions.

Discover Morocco with children

Morocco is a country to be discovered with the family. Its extremely varied touristic offer allows all kind of trips, and why not, to combine several in one trip. The travel packages offered by your Moroccan agency allow holidays suitable for families and their children to whom special offers are dedicated.

Family seaside holiday in Morocco

The seaside resorts of Morocco are famous for their mild climate throughout the year. Some beaches are renown beyond borders, such as those of Agadir and Essaouira. Many others are available, nestled in quieter places. Your travel agency in Morocco will be happy to present you a selection of resorts and accommodations available for a wonderful family vacation by the ocean.

Accommodations designed for children and their parents

The family tours in Morocco are punctuated by nights in accommodations that include all comfort elements at an affordable price. During your journey, you will be able to stop at hotels with swimming pool and activities for children. You will please your toddlers while relaxing in a comfortable hotel. In some trips, you will be able to entrust your children to professionals. You will be able to free some time for yourself and go explore the region and its attractions. From oceanfront to the most beautiful cities of the kingdom, your agency has selected accommodations suitable for families.