Morocco Desert Tours

Wander the dunes of the Moroccan desert and the highlands in 4X4. For a few days, discover the vastness aboard your all-terrain vehicle that will take you on an adventure from the gates of the desert. From the desert to the sublime oases, through the dry lakes or the most remote mountains, you have the promise of an unforgettable trip in Morocco. Your Moroccan tailor-made travel agency will take care of renting your SUV from service providers identified for their seriousness and the reliability of their vehicles.

Trek in the desert of Morocco

The Morocco trek is another form of desert circuit Morocco. Get to feel the genuine sensations of the desert travelers. Go on a hike in the company of camels in the dunes and regs, the desert pavement whose reliefs stand out in the clear skies. Make yours the sublime sunsets over the sand dunes at night in the heart of the Sahara. Your agency organizes your trip by selecting your escorts and guide. The circuits are designed for you to discover the most beautiful nooks and get the best sensations.

A circuit in the desert suitable for all

A circuit in the Moroccan desert is not reserved for experienced walkers. It is possible to travel the desert with your family thanks to an adapted travel formula. Take your children to the conquest of the dunes and plateaus thanks to a circuit in the Moroccan desert with only a few hours of walking daily. You will camp together in the heart of the deserted plains or of the mountains of southern Morocco. You will discover with your children the beauty of a sunset on the dunes. Your travel agency has created circuits in the desert for different levels, up to the most athletic ones. Share with us your travel desires, we have an answer to your wishes. Each level will take you to more or less remote areas. The most inaccessible landscapes are reserved for the highest levels, but the family circuits also reserve amazing surprises.