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Morocco’s annual temperature and best dates for travel

September 28, 2018
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Planning a trip to Morocco for the next few months or weeks? To better prepare your stay, we will tell you what temperature will be in Morocco in summer and winter, depending on your dates of travel and you are explained everything about the climate of Morocco in General.

What temperature in Morocco in summer?

Your holiday coincides with the summer season? You plan to visit the Chérifien kingdom and wonder what temperature will be in Morocco in summer? The answer is simple: it depends on the regions to visit, but generally speaking, the climate is sunny in most of the country.

The main cities of the Mediterranean coast (from Tangier to Saidia, through Tetouan, etc.) are characterized by mild but rainy winters and relatively warm summers. The temperature of the water on the coast is perfect for spring and summer baths, count about 22 °c.

For those who wish to go to Casablanca or to the capital Rabat, know that these cities are in the centre of this climatic zone, and the recorded temperatures often reach the 25/29 °c in July.

The vast region of the interior of the country extends from the imperial cities to the western regions of the great Sahara Desert. It is characterized by scorching temperatures during the summer, up to 45 °c on the sunniest days and cool and humid winters between October and March.

If you want to do excursions or hikes in the Moroccan desert, summer is not necessarily a good idea.

What temperature in Morocco in winter

When we talk about travel, All seasons are Worth. Winter is also a good time to go and discover morocco, although the temperatures in some areas are very low. If you are going to go to the great Sahara desert, be aware that winters are cool and humid between October and March.

In mountainous areas, winters are rather icy and rough with temperatures below zero and you will need a good jacket to protect you from extreme COLD. And for ski enthusiasts, the highest areas of the high Atlas are famous ski resorts for the abundant amount of snow that falls during this Winter Season.

The cities of the Atlantic coast, from Tangier to Essaouira, offer a warm and sunny climate during the winter with spring Temperatures. Precipitation is rather low for most of the year, except from late November to March, when violent storms erupt, which can cause flooding in a short period of time.

What period to go to Marrakech

Marrakech probably appears on your list of cities to visit during your next stay in Morocco. The ochre city is an indispensable step for travellers who wish to discover the cultural, artisanal and magical aspect of the city and an essential part for those who plan to take a trip to the south of morocco and to visit the cities of Ouarzazate, Errissani or even Merzouga.

But what period to go to Marrakech? Spring and early autumn offer the most favourable climate with a cool and relaxing breeze, the nights can even be quite cold. Avoid especially the months of June and July and possibly early August, because the sweltering heats can spoil your experience. Similarly for periods when the Sirocco “chandler” blows, a burning and Dust-laden wind came from the Sahara.

And if you wish to discover Marrakech during the tourist seasons, in spite of the temperature, New Year and Easter are dates to Remember.

for a better decide

To choose the best time to visit morocco, you need to take into account the route you want to follow and the areas you want to Explore. In general, if you wish to participate in the classic visit of the Imperial cities, the best periods are spring and autumn, when the temperatures allow you to move without difficulty and that the rains are not likely to prevent The Movements.

The areas of the Mediterranean coast, however, can be easily visited throughout the year due to the very mild climate; If you are looking for a low season, autumn is the perfect time.