Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is a delectable reflection of the rich and varied cultural influences of this fascinating country a truly eclectic and delectable cuisine that consists of fresh fruits and succulent vegetables nurtured by the sunny Moroccan climate. Fresh seafood is plentiful as are fragrant spices that blend superbly with the natural flavor of wonderfully fresh foods to create a varied and plentiful offering of appetizing choices.

Some recipes date from the time of Abbasids, Berbers contributed couscous, and the Moresque culture added savory stews, tagines and many bittersweet and delicious accents. Moroccan cooking combines the best of Turkish, African, Jewish and even Indian fare. It is a rich and  incredibly delicious cuisine, unlike any other, a savory and incomparable combination of many different cultures

Be Sure to Experience these wonderful Moroccan Dishes.

Couscous is the traditional Friday lunch.  Regional influences abound and there are many variations  of this fabulous dish. Each region offers its own delicious version of this staple.Enjoy it the Moroccan way, and eat this savory dish with the fingers of the right hand.

Tajine is the name of the decorated baked clay plate where foods are slow cooked, and is the name of this popular dish. Just like couscous, tajine exists in many varieties, meat, poultry, fish or vegetable. These savory stews are braised and spiced to perfection and the first delightful whiff of this dish as the lid is raised for serving is always a wonderful culinary experience

This mouth-watering delight is served during times of celebration and is a succulent lamb dish slowly roasted to perfection over an open spit.

A superb pastry that is available in various and luscious combinations. It is typically a light and flaky puff pastry wrapped around meat and almonds, but is also prepared in a variety of scrumptious combinations.

Ramadan dishes
Harira, a savory soup made of meat, lentils and chickpeas served with beghrir, small pancakes topped with melted butter, and tshebbakia, oil-fried cakes wrapped in fragrant sweet honey is served to break the fast signaled by the magnificent sunset.

Brochettes are the fast food of Morocco. They are served in many locations on roadsides at the entrance of souks, or in town squares. Brochettes are always freshly prepared and extremely appetizing.


Morocco is where you will find the famous horns of gazelles (Cornes de Gazelle), cakes made with honey, feqqas with almonds and a wonderful array of truly delectable pastries.

Mint tea
It is the beverage of hospitality, and friendliness made from the fresh mint that is abundant in Morocco.  Iced or served warm it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. A true pleasure.