essential things to travel morocco

The list of essential things to put in his suitcase to travel to Morocco

August 20, 2018
Explore Morocco

A multicultural country, proud of its African roots, Morocco is among the privileged destinations of visitors eager to meet new cultures and traditions and to live a pleasant tourist experience.

However, as with every trip, it is necessary to prepare well before anchoring and to go to its future destination. Today we talk about the essential things to put in your suitcase before traveling to Morocco, land of the setting sun.

Hiking shoes for adventurers

Lovers of mountains, hikes and long hours of walking must always prepare suitable packing. Then think about putting on special hiking shoes, which will allow you to make your treks comfortable.

Sunscreen and anti-mosquito lotions

Morocco has an exceptional climate. With more than 3000 H/year of sunshine, you will definitely need to protect yourself well as needed. Don’t forget to take a sunscreen with good UV protection. And for the risk of burns (for very sensitive skins), Biorder is indispensable. Remember to bring a cap and sunglasses with you too.

People who plan to go to remote areas with a higher than normal climate will do well to take anti-mosquito lotions, to protect themselves from the risk of stings, you never know!

Long clothes or outfits and a scarf for religious places

Morocco, rich in an ancestral and Muslim culture, is full of religious places that are worth a visit. Visits can be arranged to these places with exceptional architecture. Out of respect for local customs, and to be able to enjoy it, consider wearing long clothes and a scarf to use if needed.

A first aid kit for your health

Your health is a priority. Whatever your destination (non-exclusive advice for a trip to Morocco), do not forget your prescription if you ever use medication or you follow a particular treatment. Some medicines cannot be issued without a medical prescription and the order is essential to be able to buy them.

Always for your health, have a pharmacy or first aid kit, with all the necessary items to cure the usual ailments. Also, to combat the risks of diarrhea (mostly due to hygiene or even water), consider taking anti-diarrheal medications.

Wet wipes especially in remote areas

Many restaurant toilets, especially in small towns, do not provide toilet paper. Wearing wet wipes or tissues will be valuable! Always for good hygiene, also think about taking a hand sanitizer.

Sleeping bag

It depends on how you travel. You will definitely need it if you plan on camping for a few days during your stay.

A backpack to carry only the essential

A backpack (ideally 10 liters) is necessary if you plan to travel to the Sahara or the desert of Morocco or go for hikes or treks, you will need it to take only what you will need.

So, ready to prepare your suitcase and fly to Africa? And that the adventure begins…