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How to dress for a tour in the Moroccan desert?

October 1, 2018
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Going on a trip to the desert of Morocco is for adventurers and lovers of dunes and thrills an inevitable circuit and a life experience of the most rewarding. however, when you travel to the desert, you have to leave well equipped and be prepared to deal with any Situation. One of the questions that arise most often before starting this adventure is: how to dress for a tour in the Moroccan Desert. here, all you need to know to prepare for your departure and to guarantee you a pleasant stay in the heart of the sand dunes of Merzouga.

What do you wear to the Sahara Desert?

The basic rule is to wear comfortable clothes and natural fabrics like flax and cotton in bright colours, so as not to attract the rays of the Sun. It may seem strange to you, but it is preferable, during your stay in the desert, to wear outfits that maintain the body temperature. So think about wearing long sleeves during the day. For the night, get a windbreaker jacket, you’ll need it for those delightful moments around a campfire before you rush into your sleeping bag.

Also, know that your camel ride can last up to an hour, so avoid wearing shorts and prefer comfortable jeans. The rough appearance of camel fur may disturb you and trousers will protect your legs better.

On the shoe side, your biggest route to the dunes will usually be camel-backed, but if you want to experience the sensation of walking on the sand, (which is indeed extremely pleasant), opt for sports shoes or hikes, or even comfortable sneakers. If you prefer sandals, the idea is to wear sandals dedicated to Sport.

Don’t forget your Sahara Shawl

Before starting your trip to the dunes, you will certainly visit local regional souks and the Sahrawi shawl will not pass Unnoticed. It’s even a must for a 100% desert Look. besides, it will be of great use to you to block, at once, the Sun and dust, as it can serve as headgear to protect your head from Sunburn. If you don’t know how to wear it, don’t panic! Ask your local guide for help, he will gladly do So.

Other Hygiene Products

In addition to your clothing pack for a trip to the desert, consider having some hygiene products, especially if you plan to spend your night in tents under the beautiful Stars. Wet wipes will be super useful for your toilet, as well as sunscreen to protect you from sunlight, indeed temperatures are often beyond 30 degrees and sunscreen is Indispensable. For those who are particularly sensitive, it is better to wear opaque clothes, a sunscreen may not suffice.

Also, think about taking eye drops and especially physiological serum for the Nose.