The website provides current information regarding the details and payment methods provided to our valued clients with the most up to date information pertaining to trips and hotel stays, payment methods, cancellation policies and contract modification. Our information is updated regularly for your convenience to provide you with the most current pricing and terms.
The conditions of sale apply to all services offered by our consultants or on the electronic catalog trips, tours, excursions, and rentals…


– Booking –
The required reservations are finalized upon receipt of a deposit payment. The deposit is determined as follows:

Tailor Made Holidays

  • $200 for stays totaling less than $799
  • $300 for stays between $800.00 and $1599
  • $500 for stays of a total value greater than or equal to $1600

Small Group Tours

  • 20% of the total cost of the trip

– Payment – 
Upon booking client is required to pay the deposit according to the total price of stay, as indicated above and pay the balance remaining by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or Western Union transfer within three (3) weeks prior the date of departure.
For local payments (the first day of arrival in Morocco), only a cash payment is accepted.

Special Offers
Apply only during the specified promotion period (dates of departure and return included in this period) and are not retroactive.

Reductions For Children
Unless otherwise specified, the following reductions apply to the products shown on our site according to the age of the child as follows:

– For Accommodations –

  • Babies under 2 years not occupying an adult bed in the hotel: 100% discount on the price as a hotel service, no extra charge.
  • Children 2 to 11 years (inclusive): 25% discount on the price per adult in double room as a hotel service, no extra charge for 1 or 2 children accommodated in extra beds in a room with 2 adults.

– For Domestic Transportation –

  • Babies under 2 years not occupying a seat: 100% discount on adult pricing.
  • Children 2 to 11 years occupying a seat receive a 20% discount per accompanying adult.

Stay Duration
Your stay duration includes the time of arrival at a Moroccan airport until the day you depart from a Moroccan airport .Prices are calculated based on the number of nights, and not the number of whole days. By night, the period of availability includes the room between 14 and 12 hours the next day.

Please note that the registration and classification of tourist accommodation options is consistent with the regulations and travel customs of Morocco.

Check-In / Check-Out Hotel Room
Hotels international rules require that clients take possession of the rooms for 14 hours regardless of time of arrival of their flight and 12 hours before their flight schedule return. Thus, if you come into possession of your room for example at 10 am, two hours (10H-12H) is considered an overnight stay and no refund can be made.

Room Types
Single rooms have one bed for one person. In limited numbers, they are sometimes subject to charges.

Double rooms are provided with either two beds or a double bed.

The triple and quadruple rooms are often equipped with double beds.


The number of meals depends on the number of nights spent in hotels.

The full board option starts with dinner the first night and ends with breakfast after the last night.

The half board option starts with dinner the first night and ends with breakfast after the last night: it includes breakfast and one meal per day.

Whether in the context of the full board or half board, drinks not included, except as noted herein.


– Cancellation – 
To be considered, any cancellation, partial or total, must be received by email at MOROCCO TRAVEL TOURS with an authentic date of receipt.

Cancellation Fee Schedule :

  • 5 weeks or more before arrival: 100% refund of the deposit.
  • 4 to 2 weeks before arrival: 50% refund of the deposit.
  • 2 weeks before arrival: no refund.

-Changes – 
Wherever possible, we try to accommodate requests for changes made later than one month before the departure date. If these change requests relate to an extension of stay, increasing the number of people or the purchase of an additional benefit, only the price of these changes will be added. In all other cases, no additional fees will be charged.


The information you provide when ordering our services will not be forwarded to any entity other than professional suppliers of services you have ordered. This information will be considered confidential.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6/01/1978, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data about you. To do this we simply apply online or by mail, indicating your full name and address.