About Morocco
The Crucible of civilizations, Morocco is a mysterious and truly magnificent country. Its beauty, from the splendid and golden sands of the beaches to the rugged and majestic peaks of the Atlas, from the shores of the Mediterranean, to the lush cedar forests and the vast expanses of the Saharan sand, will astonish you.

Come visit and explore the many facets of the fascinating imperial cities of Marrakech, Fez, Rabat or Meknès. See the majestic mountains, the endless deserts, and the 3,550 km shoreline. Everything is available in Morocco: adventure tours, family travels, hiking, exploring, treks on camel back and culturally focused travels. Morocco truly has something for every type of vacation dream that you may have.

The modern aspects of large Moroccan cities may surprise you, as many large companies, attracted by the dynamism and education of the Moroccan youth, have chosen to make their headquarters here. Innovation and technology are very alive in Morocco and meld expertly with tradition, culture, history and the Eastern Dream.

Travel to a different place in time as you bargain for exotic and beautiful wares in the many souks of Morocco. Spend an unforgettable evening with snake charmers and storytellers before discovering the magnificent city of Fez, relaxing on the sunny beaches of Agadir, or meeting the Berbers of the Sahara.

Morocco is separated from the rest of the African continent by the mountain ranges of the Atlas to the east and the Saharan desert to the south. Jagged landscapes give way to panoramic views and landscapes in the Maghreb El Aqsa, the country of the far west. With their high and snowy peaks, the great Atlas Mountains dominate the center of Morocco and provide irrigation to the Atlantic side of Morocco.

Morocco boasts a large variety of splendid landscapes with its Mediterranean coves, its long Atlantic beaches, its cedar forests of the Middle Atlas, its farming plains, its high mountains of the Rif and the High Atlas and the magnificent sandy dunes of the Sahara.

Travel to Morocco and fall in love with this unique and intriguing country where tradition and progress meld together in an amazing setting of breathtaking beauty.